Cancellations, Refunds and Warranty

Terms and conditions governing service delivery, cancellations and refunds for projects of our organisation

Project Delivery and Handover

Any project started by Mind Webs Ventures or its associates will be provided with a timeline of operation and delivery before the initiation and in-case there is any requirement of extension, will be discussed with the project party beforehand.

Once the deadline is over or the project is delivered, which ever arrives earlier, Mind Webs Ventures will publish the product and provide with the access details to the project party and/or its associates. Once done, Mind Webs Ventures will expect the completion of the payment before the final handover of the project.

If the payment is not completed within one week of handover, Mind Webs will block access from the internet or the application, and after one month of sustained dues, the site or the application might be taken down.

The project code will be retained by Mind Webs Ventures, however if the project party wants to obtain the code, they will have to bear an additional 40% of the total development, design, and miscellaneous one-time charges.

For delayed payments, on continued deployment or service delivery, the customer may need to bear additional interests as per the MSME Act.


Cancellations & Refund Policy

Any non-tangible product (software or application) purchased or developed under contract by our organisation is not refundable and tangible products (hardwware and/or infrastructure) can be replaced within 10 days of delivery of the same.

Server, Domain and Hosting Charges are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once purchased, won't be refunded incase of lack of activity.

Any complete product like E-Learning Platforms, Store Admin are completely prepaid and have to be paid upfront before delivery of the product. Mind Webs Ventures reserves the right to take down the service if the full payment of the product is not made within stipulated time.

In case of part payment, if the client doesn't want to accept the delivery of the project without any valid cause, any advance payment made shall not be refundable. In case of completion of all project milestones, the customer must complete the committed payment. In case of delayed payment beyond three months, the organisation reserves the right to withhold the project and take down any deployments. In case of such service retrievals, additional penalties may be applicable.


Maintenance Policy

  1. Complimentary Warranty

    • All projects include one month of complimentary warranty from the date of delivery. This warranty covers bug fixes, domain management, and hosting management (if applicable).
    • Feature additions or changes are not included in the complimentary warranty.
    • For projects deployed on client-owned servers or cloud services: Client access to server or service logins during the complimentary warranty period will immediately void the warranty. Code tampering will also void the warranty.
  2. Extended Service Warranty

    • Select projects may include a twelve (12) month extended service warranty in place of the standard one-month warranty. Refer to your project contract or Master Service Agreement (MSA) for details.
    • The extended service warranty is valid only if project files are hosted on servers or cloud services owned and managed by our organisation.
    • If the client desires to deploy all project files on client-owned servers, the extended service warranty will be replaced with the standard one-month complimentary warranty.
  3. Scope of Warranties

    • Both complimentary and extended service warranties cover:
      • Bug fixes
      • Runtime errors
      • Loss of access (due to issues within our control)
      • Server errors (if we manage the hosting)
    • Warranties do not cover:
      • Additional demonstrations
      • On-call support (unless explicitly included)
      • User issue resolution not directly caused by architectural problems
  4. Feature Changes

    • Any feature change requests after the initial project scope is finalised will incur additional charges.
    • Feature change costs will be quoted based on the scope of the request.
    • Feature changes must be requested and agreed upon prior to development.
  5. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

    • After the warranty period expires, an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is required. This is separate from hosting and other service charges.
    • AMC Plans available with our projects:
      • AMC Support for Our Servers: Projects deployed on our servers or cloud services. Includes the following response times based on issue urgency.
      • AMC Support for Client Servers: Projects deployed on client-owned servers or cloud services. Includes the following response times based on issue urgency.
      • AMC Support with On-Call Assistance: Available for projects deployed on either our servers or client servers. Provides faster response times as detailed below.
      • AMC with SLA: Enterprise level AMC contracts with committed Service Level Agreements (SLA). This provide highest priority for resolution and commitment of uptime.

Issue Urgency Levels and Resolution Timeframes

Urgency LevelDescriptionSample IssuesTarget Resolution Time *
CriticalSystem down, complete loss of core functionalityWebsite inaccessible, core business process halted4-8 hours
HighSignificant feature malfunction, major performance issuesMajor feature unusable, severe slowdown12-24 hours
MediumPartial feature malfunction, workflow disruptionsSecondary feature broken, UI inconsistencies, slowdowns24-48 hours
LowMinor errors, cosmetic issues, non-urgent questionsIncorrect text, misaligned elements, feature clarification2-3 business days
* This is a sample projection. This may vary project to project.

Important Notes

  • Read your contract carefully: Your specific project contract or Master Service Agreement (MSA) will outline the exact terms of your warranty and maintenance options.
  • Applicability of terms of contact: Irrespective of clauses of the contract, the hosting and access considerations may invalidate the applicability of warranty.

    For example, irrespective of codebase handover on delivery, Service Warranties beyond one month shall only be applicable for projects hosted by our organisation.

  • Hosting considerations: Warranty length and AMC options will be influenced by whether the project is hosted by your organisation or by the client.


Support Policy

After the project is deployed and the handover (i.e., Demonstration and access delegation to the client) is done, the project party will be provided with two on call support during the first two months and single on call support for the next four months.

On call support consists of Feature Queries, Demos and re-tutorial, re-configuration, access generation, bug reporting and other queries related to the product.

Beyond six months, till the project or product lies under the maintenance of Mind Webs Ventures, up till one year of production, the client is requested to mail their queries, or else request for additional support packages.

From the second year onwards, the project party will be provided with 6 on call support for the entire year for free along with the basic maintenance package which is bundled with the services. If they require more support quota, please refer below for the additional support charges.

On-call Support Timings: 11 AM to 8 PM (Mon – Fri)

For normal queries, mail or message two days prior to fix the call. For bug reporting, error, or loss of access, call right away during the provided hours


Additional Support & Maintenance Charges

  • 1 Additional On-Call Support – INR 1,500/- per month.
  • 2 Additional On-Call Support – INR 2,500/- per month.
  • 3 Additional On-Call Support – INR 3,500/- per year.
  • 6 Additional On-Call Support – INR 6,500/- per year.

Want more or require 24x7 support for your product? Please drop a mail to [email protected] for quotation.

The organisation reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions on this page at any time, without prior notice. These clauses supersede any previous verbal or written communications.